It is no secret that the use of video conferencing has grown exponentially in recent years. The convenience and ease of being able to meet with people from other parts of the world without having to physically travel there is one major factor, but another big draw for this technology is its ability to improve communication during group meetings. When you can’t shake hands or high-five someone across a desk, it becomes much more difficult to get everyone on board with your ideas. However, when you have a camera on hand, things become so much easier! Here are five reasons why PTZ cameras bring benefit during group online meeting: 

1. PTZ camera provides the crystal clear image

PTZ camera uses the optical lens to focus the image on the screen, so you can see all detail clearly and without distortion. This is especially important when a camera is being used as a projection device for an audience that cannot be close to the projector – these viewers need to have their view of your presentation not obstructed in any way!

2. PTZ camera is easy to use

PTZ camera use pan, tilt and zoom functions to quickly change the focus of a meeting. Your staff will be able to easily maneuver this equipment so that it focuses on the person who is speaking at any given time from a remote control, dedicated joystick, or the control system embedded in the meeting room.

PTZ cameras also have a wide range of zoom capabilities, so you can change your perspective from close-up to long-distance on any given speaker and still maintain clear audio quality.

3. PTZ camera is transportable

The third reason why PTZ cameras are beneficial is that they’re easily transportable! You’ll be able to move this equipment around effortlessly, which means you’ll be able to switch the meeting room to capture different perspectives.

In addition, if you need a camera mounted on a ceiling or wall for your online meeting software and can’t provide it yourself – no problem! PTZ cameras are specifically designed with versatile mounting options that allow them to easily attach anywhere in order to get the perfect angle.

4. PTZ cameras give proper angles.

The fourth reason why PTZ cameras are beneficial for group online meetings is that you can have a camera zoom in on one speaker while maintaining the audio quality of another – this really helps when trying to provide different perspectives during your meeting!

4. PTZ camera is cost-effective

Fifth, and finally, there’s no need to spring for more expensive equipment if you want to host an online meeting and have a PTZ camera. These cameras are widely available, inexpensive, and compatible with most video conferencing applications due to their plug-and-play design!

Overall speaking, the PTZ camera is a wonderful addition to any meeting room that’s designed to handle remote participants. These cameras are easy to use, provide clear images in all lighting conditions and can be transported anywhere with ease! They’re also relatively inexpensive when compared with other video conferencing equipment options out there. So if you don’t have one yet, start looking into owning a PTZ camera for your next meeting!

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